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America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves - Abe Lincoln

At HDS we offer the following training courses:

Basic Pistol Safety -  8 hour course of classroom and hands-on instruction.  No online training - all training is done at our range in Bristol, Maine. $90 incudes training materials and firearms

Conceal Carry Weapon -  Learn to shoot from the holster, low light, multible targets, shoot from cover and more. 9 hrs of instruction $110 + ammo. Must have completed a pistol safety course to attend

CQB -  No light with flashlights, Shoot from 0 feet, force on force traning, Training simulator and more  9hrs of instruction  $110 + ammo. Must have completed a intermediate course like CCW above to attend


Make sure the items you purchase are legal in your state. There will be a 10% cancellation fee if items are prohibited to purchased. NFA Items (silencers sbr aow machine guns) take many months to process From warehouse to you 11+months and a $200 federal tax. Shipped only to a class 3 dealer Call before purchasing